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The following sales conditions are part of the agreement to become a reseller for Tegatech Europe products, and are valid for all sales from Tegatech Europe to its resellers, unless another written agreement has taken place between the two parties. In case another written agreement has taken place between Tegatech Europe and the reseller, these General Sales Conditions will be valid only for the points not covered by the new agreement.

  • Conditions to be reseller

Tegatech Europe works only towards resellers.

To become a Tegatech Europe reseller, the reseller must fill the “Reseller Registration Application” and send it to Tegatech Europe with a copy of the ABN registration papers. By reseller is meant a juridical person that purchases a product from a supplier to sell then further either separately or as part of a solution.

The Tegatech Europe reseller commits to follow the applicable law when reselling Tegatech Europe products.

Should the reseller give extended commitment or promised like warranty or insurance, these will not be unfordable against Tegatech Europe.

  • Orders deliveries & returns

The routines for orders, deliveries & returns are available on request from our sales department. They are updated on a need-to basis and become automatically valid one (1) week after the date of update,

  • Prices

Current prices are indicated in Tegatech Europe reseller Web shop for resellers or via Tegatech Europe email communication. Once logged into the Web Shope all prices are indicated without GST, transport, insurance or other taxes, ex works Tegatech Europe stock, and can be changed without notice, depending on currency changes, custom duties, market conditions etc....

An additional fee for transport, direct deliveries and minimum order are applied. These amounts can change and vary without notice depending on currency changes, custom duties, market conditions etc....

All prices, in the pricelist or on the reseller Web shop are given EOE (Errors and Omissions Excluded).

  • Warranty

The period of warranty on Tegatech Europe product is indicated on the pricelist.

It is in every case equal to at least a minimum of 1 year from the date of invoice from Tegatech Europe.

When Tegatech Europe refers to a number of days for swap or advanced replacement, it is always intended in working days for swap or advanced replacement, it is always indeed in working days, and valid for the non extreme area of the region.

Products under warranty are repaired or swap by Tegatech Europe depending on the service attached to the product. Tegatech Australia only is allowed to repair a defective product or swap it.

Any attempt to physically repair or open a defective product other then by Tegatech Europe will automatically void the warranty.  Tegatech Europe reserves the right to decide if a defect product will be repaired or exchanged.

  • Use of the Tegatech Europe name

The Tegatech Europe reseller has the right to use the Tegatech Europe name, or material concerning Tegatech Europe products (including spec sheets, white papers and photos etc) in the limitation of this agreement only, and as long as it is done in a professional way aimed at the promotion of Tegatech Europe name, or material concerning Tegatech Europe or its products.

The reseller will respect the guidelines given for the use of the Tegatech Europe name or material available.

Tegatech Europe keeps the right to demand his name, or any material concerning Tegatech Europe or Tegatech Europe’s products to be removed if it finds it not in accordance with this agreement,

Mistakes or damages discovered, or that should normally be discovered at reception or control for delivery, have to be reported to Tegatech Europe in written with the 2 open days following the date of reception. Mistakes or damage non visible from the outside of the packaging must be reported immediately by the reseller when he received reclamation from the end user, or within 7 days from when the fault was discovered, but not later than 2 month after the date of delivery from Tegatech Europe


  • Condition of payment

All sales are paid cash or on invoice after a credit line has been granted from Tegatech Europe’s credit partner. The request for credit line is started automatically with the customer application, and as such Tegatech Europe or its credit partner will perform a credit check.

Tegatech Europe keeps the right to change the terms of payment, and reserves the right to stop deliveries and refuse to take new orders on late payment, and this until full payment of the due invoices and their interests are paid.

An interest of 2,5% will be levied for late payment, as well an administrative fee of $20 AUD.

Tegatech Europe keeps the full ownership (see Responsibility) of its product until the full payment of the due invoices is fully paid and even though the product already is sold or delivered further, or if the reseller is bankrupt.

Should an invoice be unpaid over thirty (30) days from the due date, Tegatech Europe can cancel the sale and get the product back, even though it is sold or delivered further, or the reseller is bankrupt.


  • Responsibility

It is Tegatech Europe’s responsibility to ensure that the products delivered corresponds to the description and specification given by Tegatech Europe. Tegatech Europe is in no way responsible for the information given from the reseller to its customer.

Tegatech Europe is only responsible for the information given itself, and not for any information issued by another Tegatech Europe subsidiary.

The reseller bares physical responsibility for the product from the moment when the product leaves Tegatech Europe stock for delivery, even though the invoice is unpaid. In case of liability in damages, the responsibility of Tegatech Europe is limited to the amount paid for the Tegatech Europe product in question.


  • Force major

Tegatech Europe shall not be liable in damage for any delay, damage or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to Acts of God, government restrictions, wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Tegatech Europe whose performance is affected.


  • Legal twist     

Legal twist on the interpretation or application of these terms, including all related circumstances shall be settled through an arbitrator according to the Australian law. The procedure shall take place in Sydney. Either party can however bring legal action at the public court of law to receive an indisputable claim. On that occasion a disputable counterclaim cannot be referred to as a settlement, such a claim shall be settled through an arbitrator.


  • Orders           

All orders can be placed by fax, by phone, by mail or on the WEB shop, and must contain a valid reference number to be identified easily, i.e. a Purchase Order number. Orders can be placed until 16:00 for shipping the same day.

Orders are binding. As such, they define products, prices and terms of delivery, and can not be changed or cancelled

However, should the products in backlog for more than 30 days, the reseller is allowed to cancel the purchase.


An automatic order confirmation is sent by e-mail including products, prices and quantities, as well as delivery address.

The order is considered correct and accepted 2 hours after the confirmation is sent.


Orders can be registered with a special delivery address – end user, partner etc-at no fee. Only one (1) delivery address is possible per order.


  • Modifying an Order

Orders can be modified as long as they are not processed. After that moment, no modification is possible as the goods are already into the delivery process. Should Tegatech Australia have to stop a delivery on behalf of a reseller, an administrative fee of $20 AUD will be invoiced.


  • Deliveries

All deliveries are ex works Tegatech Europe stock. Unless mentioned otherwise on the order confirmation, the normal delivery time is next day. When products are delivered, an automatic delivery confirmation is sent by e-mail to the same person who received the order confirmation. (It contains information on the product, quantity, order number, as well as all the tracking information).

Expected reception from that moment is next day for QLD, NSW & VIC, except in remote areas. Few days for SA, NT, TAS, WA and NZ


  • Reception

When receiving a product or palette, it must be inspected for visible sign of transport damage before signing for them.

Make sure as well there is the right number of pack as indicated on the transport paper. Should the reseller fail to check, and sign for the products, he will take full responsibility for the products quantity and state as described on the pack list.


Should there be any visible sign of damage on the packaging, the receiver must absolutely indicate it on the transport papers and contact Tegatech Europe support if the product s damaged at +61 2 9949 4511 at the latest 2 open days after reception. (See General T&C Reclamation).


Failure to follow these rules makes it impossible to claim transport damages to the shipping company.

Similarly, if any product is missing, contact Tegatech Europe support +61 2 9949 4511.


  • Support on products

Tegatech Europe Technical department’s role is to provide technical support in order for the Tegatech Europe products to work according to specifications within the shortest possible period of time.

Tegatech Europe technical department should be contacted in good time as to help solving configuration issues, as they will always attempt to solve the problem.

As a Tegatech Europe reseller, you can get free direct support by phone +61 2 9949 4511 or by mailing mailto:support@tegatech.eu End user can get free direct support from Tegatech Europe through mail mailto:MyTablet@tegatech.eu form 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time. When necessary, our technical department may decide to call your end user to get more information.


  • Faulty products

It is always Tegatech Europe’s technical department that will decide that the product is faulty, and that the product will be repaired, swapped or exchanged. In every case the defect product will have to be returned to Tegatech Europe.

As Tegatech Europe follows the S/N on each product, it is not possible for the reseller to swap or credit the product from its own initiative.


  • Returns

There are 3 reasons for return: Dead on Arrival, Repairs or Loans.

All return, whatever the reason, must bare a valid RMA number, given by Tegatech Europe technical department.

Products sent without RMA will either be rejected, or sent back.

Similarly, returns with AAE or FedEx on Tegatech Australia’s account without Tegatech  Europe knowledge or RMA will be invoiced to the sender for the amount of transportation plus return.

RMA numbers older than 2 weeks are cancelled and a new number must be requested.


  • Dead on Arrival (DOA)

Products that are declared faulty by Tegatech Europe Technical Department within one (1) month from delivery from Tegatech Europe, are DOA, and as such are replaced immediately: a new order is created automatically, and the old invoice credited on reception of the faulty device.

DOA is a service offered to your customers, and can not be a reason for cancellation of the order.


  • Repairs

When sending a product for repair, all cables, manual, media etc should be removed. Only the bare device is sent. Any breakage or damage arising from the transportation or packaging of the faulty return, from reseller to Tegatech Europe, becomes full responsibility of the reseller. Tegatech Europe will notify the reseller of any issues that arise of this nature immediately. The average return is 1 week, either to the reseller or directly to the end user on request. All return, whatever the reason, must bare a valid RMA number, given by Tegatech Europe technical department.

RMAs older than 2 weeks are cancelled, and a new RMA number must be requested.


  • Fault Description

To support a customer or a product, some information is necessary and will always be requested from Tegatech Europe Department:  The product Serial Number (S/N), an accurate & detailed fault description.

Products are repaired according to the fault description, and it must therefore be specific,

In some cases, the technical department may need further information regarding the software/hardware configuration of the workstation. Information is typically Computer model, OS, Software version.

It can be handy to gather those before contacting the technical department.


  • Warranty

The warranty starts at the delivery of the product from Tegatech Europe, and is a minimum of 1 year.

The DOA starts at the delivery of the product from Tegatech Europe, and is a period of thirty (30) days from delivery from Tegatech Europe.

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